Understanding the different generations working together (1)

As companies are now open to anyone who seem to possess the skills they are looking for, they can hire anyone that they like. Now, various nationalities are working together and challenges are present. Also, the workers now belong to different generations who have their own set of values, preferences, and principles. As they need to work together to complete a project, it is needed that they also understand each other. That is why let us also take the time to understand some of the generations.

The first generation is the traditionalists that are still in the workforce. It is said that around three percent are still active. One of their principles is that you would be paid for your hard work and they also value position and also money but they are loyal.

The baby boomers are the ones who are mostly established when it comes to the careers. They are the ones who are in the position of leaders and executives. They have the character of being ambitious and loyal. They like to be rewarded with money or the retirement benefits. Check more over this link of catering restaurant. Look over this link caterertaiwan.com. And find more of their great food service.

Gen X are people who had seen and understood the past generation before them. That is why they had to find ways to balance their work and also the time to relax. It has helped their environment growing up to become the starters of business. This generation also can work even without the supervision and they could work hard. They believe that reward is given according to the ability and not by the age or seniority.