Five Generations

There is five division of the generations that you can find at this time. Each generation has their own set of perspective on everything. Let us see first the division of the generation.

  • Born 1996 and later: Gen Z, Centennials or  iGen
  • Born 1977 to 1995: Gen Y or Millennials
  • Born 1965 to 1976: Generation X
  • Born 1946 to 1964: Baby Boomers
  • Born 1945 and before: Silent or Traditionalists Generation

There is another generation that was in between the silent generation, baby boomers, and the generation x. They do not belong to the listed generation and so they are labeled as the tweeners.

They are in between but they also have their own set of principles. They say they are stuck in between two generations.

This list of generations may vary into the other writings that you may have read because of lack of information into this topic. There are those who had made a guess on what it is the generations. There could also be differences because of the effect or differences in geography around the world.

Another factor that affects the differences in division and characteristics is the trend in one place is different in another. In illustration let us use the work situation. In one place, it is hard to have a job because of the poor economic performance and the location. In another place, the employment rate is high as there are many job vacancies. That is why even if a research had been made and a conclusion of a list is given above, it is not enough to determine the set of values and principle of a person.