Generation Me

Here let us know more of the Generation Y or the Generation Me. This is the generation that was born in the year of the early 1980’s until the turn of the century. When it comes to the serious research, others have included some dates in the 1970’s because of the similarities between them both. With the term itself, you can have an idea of what is the characteristics of this generation. One of the provided characters is that people in this generation do not conform to what has been before but what is suitable.

An example is in clothing for office. This generation does not strictly follow the past dress code but seek for what they like. It is part of the thought of having confidence in themselves. They can do what they want as long as they are not hurting someone. They have the feeling of being worthy to be wealthy and also being famous. In terms of education, this generation had mostly gone to get a degree and even some had pursued their education to a higher level. But they are the type to say what they like to say whether it is strong or not.

They are also the type to share something about themselves whether you are asking or willing to listen or not. This also connects to the next characteristics of not being able to do a hard work. They like a good job and a high salary that goes with it. They also want to be seen as a person who has their own identity. That is why they can get a tattoo or pierce or through their clothes or the hairstyle they wear.